Anafi Island

The village is densely populated and originates from medieval times. It is built amphitheatrically above the port, at an altitude of 260 metres.

With 270  inhabitants today, Chora is distinguished from the capital of other Cycladic islands due to is numerous arched single-room homes, which occupy a large area of the settlement. Narrow cobbled streets criss-cross the village, leading to the Venetian Kastro (fortress),the initial nucleus and heart of the village.

Anafi has a lot of interesting Beaches , some of them :

  • Agios Nikolaos in the Port
  • Clisidi Beach
  • Roukounas
  • Agioi Anargiri
  • Flamourou
  • Megas Potamos

Mount Kalamos

On its highest peak, there is the Monastery of Panagia Kalamiotissa, dedicated to Virgin Mary (Panagia) for whom there are plenty of legends and local traditions… The monastery is a one-room domed temple with particular architectural features, surrounded by few monastic cells and a small water reservoir.

The site and view will take one’s breath away…

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